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Teacher Training and Apprenticeship Programmes delivered by e-Qualitas

e-Qualitas has successfully trained thousands of teachers to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Working in partnership with a network of schools to provide school-based teacher training, e-Qualitas is recognised as one of the country’s leading teacher training providers.

Our long history of training teachers on in-school initial teacher training programmes means that we have extensive experience to draw upon. Our tutors have practical experience of teaching, leading, and inspecting; our partner schools and settings are well-versed in mentoring teachers of the future. As a result, we are proud to have one of the highest QTS pass rates in the country at over 95%, compared with the current national pass rate of 63%.

Whether you are a graduate, an experienced teacher, or a career changer, we offer the right route for you to get into teaching.

e-Qualitas offers the following Initial Teacher Training Routes to QTS in secondary and primary education:

e-Qualitas is a National SCITT

e-Qualitas are a large privately run School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)  provider. Our specialist team of ITT consultants guides schools and graduates through the Teacher Training application process, providing info on funding options, timings and delivery of the programme.

Our team of subject and phase leads and tutors has experience and knowledge that covers all secondary subject curriculum areas, as well as for primary including Early Years/Key Stage 1 specialists.  Our Tutors have a wealth of knowledge and experience supporting trainee teachers and are deployed out to visit trainees in school throughout the program.  Our Subject Leads and Tutors also run off the Job training sessions, which provide a forum for peer-to-peer discussion and learning.

You can find out more information about our Programmes in our Prospectus below, or otherwise read our ITT Curriculum Intent by following this link.


About TAP

e-Qualitas’ Teaching Apprenticeship Programme is a DfE approved, industry leading Teaching Apprenticeship.TAP Logo

The Teaching Apprenticeship Programme (TAP), is an Initial Teacher Training (ITT) course which allows schools to recruit and train new staff or retrain and upskill current staff in a cost-effective way.

Trainees achieve QTS and complete the Teaching Apprenticeship around the 12-month mark while staying employed and working in a school. The Teaching Apprenticeship Programme is a popular alternative to a University-based PGCE pathway into teaching.

Schools are enjoying generous salary grant funding and the ability to utilise their Apprenticeship Levy Funding to grow and retain their own talent.

What is the format of the TAP?

For more detailed  information about the TAP course content and delivery click here

Watch our video below where Career Changer Hannah talks about her experience as a trainee on the Teaching Apprenticeship Programme

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What our teachers say about us...

I have most enjoyed the deep-dives in each of the subjects. You've got all the of the expertise of the Subject Leads, and tutors - you can go and ask them questions. It is a culture and an environment where you have all the expertise and experience at your fingertips that you could need.

Sian - Primary Teacher - e-Qualified ✓

What our teachers say about us...

As part of the teacher training programme, so many doors and windows of knowledge are opening. Last term's focus was on assessment, which has been transformative for me. I am now able to look at what my children know, what they need to know and then adapt my practice based on the knowledge they've demonstrated. It's made me a better teacher, because I can adapt my practice to suit everybody.

Dan - Primary Teacher - e-Qualified ✓

What our teachers say about us...

Coming to e-Qualitas and going to the training days has given me the confidence to take lead in the classroom and when working with my support staff.

Cherelle - Primary Teacher - e-Qualified ✓

What our teachers say about us...

This has been a great, supportive programme because I get the freedom to come up with plans and then see them in action with my students. I couldn't ask for a better experience.

Kellie - Secondary English Teacher - e-Qualified ✓

What our teachers say about us...

I'm really lucky at my school that I have a fantastic mentor and really supportive science staff, so I am getting on-the-job advice all the time. Talking to other trainees about what has worked is very useful, because they are at the same level of experience as me and their advice is great too.

Alison - Secondary Biology Teacher - e-Qualified ✓

What schools say about us...

Working in partnership with e-Qualitas has allowed us to put into place a system to support new members of staff in school. It's about focusing on developing individual teachers and supporting them through the teacher training programme.

Mr Tony McCabe - Head Teacher - St Joseph's RC School

What our teachers say about us...

The in-person training sessions have been great and have fostered a brilliant sense of community among trainees, who are from different parts of the country. We've had a lovely mix of practical and theory - enabling us to put into practice everything we've been discussing.

Shikiera - Primary Teacher - e-Qualified ✓

What our teachers say about us...

My subject knowledge has definitely improved from working with the Subject Leads; building my understanding of substantive disciplinary knowledge. I feel I am able to talk to the Subject Leads after each training session to discuss each training session in more detail. My subject lead has been so helpful with my learning sequences.

Masooma - Primary Teacher - e-Qualified ✓

What our teachers say about us...

The workload on the training programme is demanding, though it is manageable.The training and communication that you receive from e-Qualitas makes the workload both acceptable and convenient. Thumbs up, I am looking forward!

Bugra - Secondary Maths Teacher - e-Qualified ✓

What our teachers say about us...

My teaching skills have improved so much during the training year. My tutor and my mentor worked really hard with me, and I am really thankful for the efforts they made to make me the teacher I am today. My Subject Lead taught me so much, for example how to scaffold a lesson - making sure the whole class is engaged with tasks.

Amara - Secondary Maths Teacher - e-Qualified ✓

What schools say about us...

One of the most important things we do is appoint the right members of staff, with the right mindset and ability to form relationships with young people. The brilliant concept of the Teaching Apprenticeship Programme is that you can identify talent in members of staff currently within school.

Mr Tony McCabe - Head Teacher - St Joseph's RC School