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Why Train with e-Qualitas?

e-Qualitas recognises that all training situations are different, and we tailor aspects of the learning journey towards mastery of the e-Qualitas ITT curriculum and the Teachers’ Standards training accordingly. Each trainee, in his or her school, is in a unique position: learning how to plan so that all pupils and students make good progress in lessons and over time. Our aim is that the e-Qualitas curriculum is clearly understood in schools and provides trainees with models and multiple opportunities to rehearse and refine particular approaches through a shared vision that engages and prepares trainees for the reality of the classroom through sustainable workload and support.

e-Qualitas supports trainers and mentors in schools, by providing two full days of training at central locations, and through tutor visits.

e-Qualitas Tutors visit schools to set up each training programme, taking account of individual circumstances for each trainee and school. We appoint a tutor to each trainee, who spends a day each half-term, in school, working with the trainee, mentors, and lead trainers all of whom play a crucial role in the programme. Tutors have practical experience of teaching in the phase (primary or secondary) and subject (secondary) in which the trainee will be assessed. This means that they can offer advice and guidance from their own experience, as well as taking account of current developments in the area.

Trainees attend several training sessions in central locations across the country (usually around 10 to 12), at which they receive both theoretical underpinning for teaching, and also lots of practical advice and tips. These sessions allow them to meet others training in the same phase/subject, to network and swap experiences.

e-Qualitas has a comprehensive online library – which is always being added to an updated. Trainees and school trainers/mentors can access all sorts of helpful documents, all aimed at how to become an even better teacher, thus helping students to learn. Most of these documents offer a summary of key points, and many suggest further reading if the trainee wants to pursue the topic in greater depth.

All trainees and schools want to know about the process of assessing a trainee for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). The assessment process with e-Qualitas is very thorough and ensures that all judgments are moderated and based on first-hand evidence. It starts with the school assessing how well the trainee meets each aspect of the Teachers’ Standards at around the 30-week point in the training. This is followed by the e-Qualitas tutor visiting to confirm (or negotiate with the school) these judgments, with some short-term targets set. The final piece of the jig-saw comes about a fortnight later, with an assessor verifier coming to moderate and verify how well the trainee meets the Standards, and the progress that he or she has made, over the training.