About You Fundamental Skills

Fundamental Skills

During an ITT training programme Providers now are responsible for ensuring that appropriate opportunities are in place for all trainees to develop their skills in fundamental English and mathematics to an appropriate level.

Skills providers will be required to assure include grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, handwriting, ability to understand data and graphs and mathematical ability.

e-Qualitas intend to use audits in both English and maths for trainees to self-evaluate their own skills and will facilitate a range of resources for trainees to use independently whilst training. They are not a pass/fail ‘test’.

As part of a trainee’s early days on the programme they will undertake the e-Qualitas fundamental skills audits as self-evaluation and then build in time to work on any aspects as part of their learning and assessment plan going forward. e-Qualitas will facilitate and suggest supportive materials to support any gaps.

The audits can be carried out at home – the questions are multiple choice and randomized and trainees should find a quiet time to sit down and study the audits.  Outcomes with feedback will be emailed automatically to trainees so they promptly start to address any gaps in their knowledge.