NCFE CACHE Level 1 Award in Preparing to Work in Schools


The level 1 Preparing to Work in Schools qualification is aimed at a range of learners thinking of working in a school or college setting, including young people, mature learners, learners with special educational needs, or where English is an additional language.

If you want to work with and support children in a school or college environment, the NCFE CACHE level 1 award in Preparing to Work in Schools is the best place to start. The purpose of this course is to help prepare you for learning and training, whilst developing an understanding of the teaching and learning environment in a school setting, how to support the well-being of a child or young person and child, and young people’s personal, social and academic development. The course is aimed at supporting a range of pupils, including young people, mature pupils, pupils with special educational needs or where English is an additional language, pupils who are thinking of working in a school setting. This is a knowledge-only qualification. You do not need to be working or volunteering in the sector to take this qualification.

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The Level 1 Award Preparing to Work in Schools is divided into 3 units:

  • Understanding Schools and Colleges as Organisations
  • Understanding how to keep children and young people healthy, safe and well
  • Understanding how to communicate with children, young people and adults

Additional info:

  • Outcome: Level 1 Award in Preparing to Work in Schools
  • Awarding organisation: NCFE CACHE
  • Study Hours:
  • Duration:
  • Tutor Assessed: Yes
  • Course type: Online / Remote Learning

Course Outcome:

Upon completion of this course, successful trainees will receive the following Level 1 Certificate in Preparing to Work in Schools. This is an Ofqual regulated certification, which can be included in future CV's and Job application forms under professional training and development. e-Qualitas has developed courses in the education sector since 1998 and is one of the UK's largest providers of Teacher Training. Teaching Assistants become more employable having gained certifications in Preparing to Work in Schools and many employers specifically ask for their qualifications when taking on members of staff.

How is the course assessed?

Each unit in the course is split into a number of sections, and within each section there are learning activities for you to complete. These are intended to help you reflect upon particular issues and your own practice. At the end of each section you will be asked to complete the assessment questions for that section. These questions can be found in a separate assessment section. When you have completed all the assessment questions for this module, please check your answers before you submit them to your Assessor. The course offers learners access to online learning resources, assessments and tutor-led training sessions with dedicated e-Qualitas tutors.