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e-Qualitas works successfully with a wide range of Lead Schools and school partnerships nationally to recruit and train their own trainee teachers through School Direct and the Apprenticeship programmes. Working with e-Qualitas enables schools to create a high-quality workforce through a partnership where high quality training is flexible enough to be tailored to your school and context.

As a Lead School you will be able to build your own network of local schools – the School Partnership- developing capacity and building on the strengths within your schools to fulfil the recruitment needs within your area. You will be able to determine how the Partnership will work with the other schools and organisations within your partnership, safe under the umbrella of support and rigor that a high quality ITT Provider allows.  In discharging its own role and responsibilities, it is expected that the Lead School will draw upon the expertise of practitioners from other schools within the Partnership. Having a Teaching School within your Partnership will provide valuable teacher training expertise and experience.

As the accredited umbrella ITT provider partner, e-Qualitas has lead responsibility for quality and compliance for all aspects of the Programme, including not only how the programme will be quality assured and compliance checked, but also accountability for Ofsted.

Throughout the programme, the Lead School and their partnership schools will support trainee teachers though the face-to-face and blended programme that endorses the principles and ethos of the ITT Core Curriculum Framework and the Early Career Framework and leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Trainees and mentors are given access to our new learning platform, etrack, where they can access blended learning, best practice and research and trainees can build their portfolio of evidence throughout their learning journey.

As a Lead School you will have a key role and responsibility for the following aspects of quality assurance and compliance checking including:

  • the recruitment and selection process;
  • the suitability, quality and effectiveness of schools and organisations within the School Partnership in providing the specified school experience(s) to the requisite standard;
  • the quality and effectiveness of school mentors, and other school-based delivery personnel, in supporting trainee teachers during their school experience;
  • the quality, consistency and accuracy of assessment judgments made by school mentors, ITT co-ordinators and other school based staff involved in the assessment of trainee teachers
  • de-selection of any school which does not respond quickly in addressing problems that may result in a trainee receiving sub-standard quality training.

Lead Schools and their School Partnership members- will be able to determine how they will secure sufficient high quality applications for the Programme in order to provide them with the requisite number of trainee teachers for each teaching specialism/phase (having regard to any allocations policy or requirements in place at the time of recruitment to the Programme).

e-Qualitas will support the Lead School and the School Partnership by:

  • providing the Lead School with general advice and guidance on marketing, promotion and lead management matters and general, best practice guidance;
  • providing the Lead School with specialist advice and guidance in individual cases about suitability and eligibility;
  • actively marketing and promoting the Programme through its own website(s) alongside and as part of its own marketing and promotion activity;
  • redirecting to the Lead School any applicants it receives which may be suited to the Programme.

e-Qualitas’s role and responsibilies for marketing, promotion and lead management can be extended at the request of the Lead School and with e-Qualitas’s agreement