Who are e-Qualitas?

We are a large SCITT working with schools and trainee teachers across the UK. We have subject specialist tutors for all subjects of the secondary curriculum and well as for primary. We help graduates train to become teachers.

Is TAP DfE approved? 

YES! The Teaching Apprenticeship programme is DfE approved and run by highly experienced Tutors. 

What is TAP?

TAP stands for the Teaching Apprenticeship Programme. It is a 12 month, ITT course provided by e-Qualitas. It is a pathway to gaining QTS for graduates who want to learn on the job and earn a salary while they train.

When can I start a teaching Apprenticeship Programme?

January, April and September each year.

Who pays the TAP Course Fee?

The schools who employ a Teacher Apprentice access their Apprenticeship levy and pay for the course fee. 

Who supports me while I train to become a teacher? 

You will have an in-school Mentor and subject specialist ITT Tutors from e-Qualitas that will help you train to become a fully qualified teacher. There are lots of hands-on and online support available. We have a 95% completion rate for TAP trainees. 

I am currently employed as an unqualified teacher in a school, could I complete my teacher training there? 

Absolutely, if you have the right undergraduate qualification. In fact, 90% of all our trainees are in situ.  We will help to check that your employer fits the ITT criteria and that you have the qualification standards needed to start a traineeship. You will have the best chance of success because you already know the school, culture, policies, etc and you know exactly the commitment you will receive from your school.

I don’t currently work in a school, but would like to gain my teaching qualifications through TAP. Can you find me a school to employ me?

We certainly can try and secure you a Teaching Apprenticeship in a school if you are not currently connected to one. Schools are always keen to employ Science or Maths graduates for secondary roles, as those areas are in demand. Graduates in other specialist areas often undertake a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course in Maths or a Science subject to become more employable. It is always worth applying to see if we can help you. 

What salary would I expect if I was employed as a Teacher Apprentice? 

You must be paid on the unqualified teacher scale: 2020-  2021 School Year

Do you offer training in any subject/phase?

Yes, as long as there is adequate school support in place, we will ensure that we have a suitably qualified SLE to undertake the professional tutor role.

Apart from The Teacher Apprenticeship Programme, what other pathways are there to gain a teaching qualification?

Assessment Only

School Direct

Tuition Fee

Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses (SKE)

If I need additional skills to start my ITT course, or I want to retain as a different type of teacher what Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses, can e-Qualitas help?

We offer SKE’s in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. 

They are short, fee-paying courses that sometimes schools pay for and sometimes teachers invest in. They upskill teachers who want to gain another area of specialism or help graduates who need more skills before starting an ITT course. 

How do I know if I am eligible to take up the TAP course? 

You will need to have; The equivalent of a grade 4 in GCSE English and mathematics. If you intend to teach primary aged pupils. You will also need a grade 4 GCSE in a science subject. A degree awarded by a UK higher education provider, or a recognised equivalent qualification Fundamental skills in English and maths to an appropriate level. You will be supported to achieve this.

I am an overseas teacher without QTS. Can I gain QTS through the Assessment Only route? 

If you have over 2 years experience in at least 2 British schools and a recognised undergraduate qualification, you should be eligible to gain QTS through the Assessment Only route. The same applies for local and overseas candidates.

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