For Schools Training Routes

Training Routes

Why grow your talent in-house?

Schools spend large amounts of time and money on external recruitment, often only to find their new staff members are not the right fit or lack the required skills or values. 

By selecting graduates that need to complete their teacher training, schools are in a unique position to be able to cost-effectively trial potential staff year-round and invest in those that show potential with the right cultural fit. 

For trainees, immersive learning and constant interaction with the whole school community when values and core beliefs align, lead to higher retention rates,  ensuring the longevity of quality teaching and learning. 

e-Qualitas offers DfE approved initial teacher training pathways for schools to grow their own talent. We can support your own in-situ candidates or source external candidates on your behalf. We offer a variety of starting points, ensuring flexibility throughout the year.

We can provide you with information and support to make the most of the financial incentives available. These include accessing your Apprenticeship levy, Salary Grant funding, and other financial benefits.