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Assessment only

Assessment only

Do you have unqualified teachers or overseas trained teachers working in your school?

If they have 2+ years experience working in British schools and a recognised undergraduate qualification, e-Qualitas offer a pathway for them to achieve QTS via the Assessment Only route. If you want to find out if your unqualified teacher is eligible, get in touch.


Q. Are graduates currently working in your school as unqualified teachers able to achieve Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) via the Assessment Only route?

A.The answer is yes if they hold a degree and have over 2 years experience of working in a school, early years, or further education setting This Assessment Only route allows graduates and overseas teachers to gain QTS without undergoing an initial teacher training programme. The Assessment Only route does not lead to a PGCE qualification but this is not essential to teach in England.

It is important for overseas teachers to start training to gain QTS within 4 years of working in the UK as a teacher and gain QTS before their 5th year begins if they want to continue teaching in British schools.

Find out more about the ‘Assessment only’ eligibility criteria here.

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