How to Apply Application Process

Application process

Application Process

Check your eligibility

To be eligible for any of our routes, you must meet the following minimum academic requirements:

For teaching primary:

  • GCSE maths grade A*-C
  • GCSE English grade A*-C
  • GCSE science grade A*-C 
  • Bachelor’s degree, ideally 2:2 or higher

For teaching secondary:

  • GCSE maths grade A*-C
  • GCSE English grade A*-C
  • Bachelor’s degree, ideally 2:2 or higher and in a relevant subject

If you do not meet the minimum GCSE requirements, you may be required to complete an equivalency test. If you’re unsure whether the qualification you have is suitable, contact the e-Qualitas office for further information.

If your high school education or bachelor’s degree were completed outside of the UK, you will be required to obtain a statement of comparability from UK NARIC to determine whether your qualifications meet the eligibility requirements.

It’s important to ensure you have your original certificates available before applying as you will need to provide copies to the e-Qualitas office before you’re able to start training. If you have lost your original degree or exam certificates, you will need to request a reprint from the GCSE exam board or university.

Find a school to train in

Before you’re able to apply for teacher training with e-Qualitas, you’ll need to find a school that is able to facilitate your training. To find schools that are recruiting positions for the start of the new academic year, the Find Postgraduate Teacher Training website may be the most useful tool to help you find vacancies in your preferred route, subject and location.

To apply for training positions in January and April, you’ll need to apply to schools that you are interested in via other channels. The Get Into Teaching website offers some helpful advice for where to find vacancies, and how to approach schools. If you’re interested in a salaried route, you can submit an application form to the Teaching Apprenticeship Programme, who may be able to help find find a suitable school for you.

If you are already working in a school and they can facilitate your training, please contact the e-Qualitas office at with the following information:

  • your full name;
  • what subject you will be training in;
  • the name of your school and postcode;
  • and the contact details for the person at your school who will oversee your training.

Application and interview process

With any application for teacher training, you will be expected to submit a personal statement with your application. When writing your personal statement, you should think about:

  • any activities you’ve undertaken to prepare for a career in teaching;
  • relevant prior experience of teaching or education in its broadest sense, and what has been learned from it;
  • subject expertise, from degree, other training courses and/or employment experience.

Once your application is completed and has been received by a school, they may invite you for an interview. Schools are required to interview candidates for their suitability for initial teacher training. This means that even if you’re already working for a school, you will still need to be interviewed to confirm you are eligible and suitable for initial teacher training.

Following a successful interview, the school will contact e-Qualitas to let us know they would like to offer you a place for training. If you’ve completed an application on UCAS, the e-Qualitas office will review your UCAS application and interview notes before getting in touch with the outcome of your application.

If you have not applied through UCAS, the e-Qualitas office will send to the school the appropriate application forms for you to complete. Once the school has returned the completed application and interview notes, the e-Qualitas office will review your application.