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Applying to e-Qualitas

If you’re looking to apply for a September start, you can find the vacancies listed on UCAS by browsing through through the ‘Find Postgraduate Teacher Training Service’. Using our provider code (E69), you can search for vacancies at schools in our network relative to your preferred subject and training route. To apply for any of these positions, you’ll need to submit your application via UCAS to the relevant programme code and location listed on the vacancy.

If you’re looking to start training in January or April, please email the following information to

  • Your full name;
  • Your subject (if teaching secondary);
  • Your GCSE maths and English grade (and science if you’re teaching primary);
  • The subject and degree class of your bachelor’s degree;
  • The route you would like to apply for;
  • Whether you have already found a school to train in, if so, the name and contact details for the person at your school who will oversee your training;
  • Your school’s postcode, or if you have not found a school, the area that you’re looking to work in.