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Become a Tutor

Being a tutor with e-Qualitas is an exciting role that provides opportunities to work with a range of schools and trainees. We work closely with lead schools and their partnerships. You will need to be an experienced teacher, who has recent or current experience or can evidence that they have stayed up to date with the requirements of life in the classroom to be considered for the role.

The role

The role is flexible, allowing tutors to work with varying numbers of trainees and their supporting mentors. The  e-Qualitas tutor visits each allocated trainee 6 times in the course of the year, each visit being a full day in which the tutor observes lessons and spends time developing and supporting both the trainee and the mentor. The visit documentation then has to be written up and submitted, as part of the day’s work.

Professional development

We believe strongly that the quality of our training relies on delivering coherent programmes across the partnerships and we are therefore committed to providing high-quality professional development for tutors, as well as the lead trainers and mentors in the schools whom they support. Tutors are required to undertake a day’s initial training for the role, attend update training each subsequent year, and engage with online development units as appropriate to their needs. New tutors are supported by a senior tutor, a buddying system, and opportunities to shadow.

Because we provide a variety of routes to QTS across primary and secondary phases and a range of secondary subjects, we have a large bank of tutors to support our trainees. The number of trainees we are able to offer, therefore, to any given tutor in any academic year will vary depending upon the trainees we recruit that year and the tutor’s own subject and phase specialisms.

If you’d like to speak to someone about becoming a tutor please call 0208 051 8774