Become a Tutor/Assessor

e-Qualitas provide the opportunity for experienced teachers to work with us as Tutor/Assessors.

e-Qualitas International Tutor/Assessor Application

e-Qualitas is one of the largest providers in England of Initial Teacher Training (ITT), Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE). We are the largest private DfE approved ITT provider to deliver the Teaching Apprenticeship Programme. We also provide various ITT courses internationally. e-Qualitas has been inspected under the Ofsted Framework and received an overall rating of ‘Good’.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to be one of our Tutors or Assessors you must hold English Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and have experience of:

  • working in a middle leader position within an English or overseas education setting (typically in schools following the English National Curriculum)
  • working with trainee teachers, Early Career teachers or teaching colleagues, including making judgements against the Teachers’ Standards and in providing advice and support to develop practice
  • observing teaching and learning and providing verbal and written feedback to develop practice
  • working professionally with school staff at all levels from head teacher to trainee teacher.

Job Description for Tutors

All e-Qualitas visiting Tutors should:

  • Ensure that they have a thorough knowledge of the Teachers’ Standards and Asessment Only (AO) route to QTS Criteria, and are up-to-date with DfE guidance and policy
  • Follow all guidance and procedures set by e-Qualitas, so that Criteria for the AO route to QTS are met in full
  • Attend training at least annually, and respond to any other updates and briefings
  • Contribute to e-Qualitas quality-assurance processes
  • Consult the e-Qualitas VLE regularly, and make appropriate contributions to support the candidate and provide advice.

The Tutor appointed for the candidate’s Initial and Review Visits will:

  • Work with the school on the initial needs assessment, draw up the targets and a time frame in discussion with the representative of the senior leadership team and mentor as appropriate, and submit it promptly to e-Qualitas for checking and approval
  • Check that the mentor and other staff involved in the AO route to QTS have the skills and understanding needed to carry out their role effectively
  • Be a point of first-call reference for school staff and the candidate, to support and guide the trainee through the AO route to QTS process
  • Visit the candidate twice before the final assessment, to provide advice, support and guidance to the school and candidate, and monitor progress towards meeting targets set, observe the candidate teaching, and hold focused discussion with the candidate to determine his or her progress towards meeting the Standards, provide feedback (oral and written) to the candidate, and agree new targets for the candidate’s next steps
  • Agree with the school a timeframe for the AO route to QTS, including the date of official registration onto the AO route to QTS (ie the opening of the 12-week AO only route to QTS window)
  • Alert the school and e-Qualitas to any actual or potential difficulties or issues that may affect the candidate’s successful completion of the AO route to QTS.
  • Ensure that e-Qualitas is alerted to any shortcomings in the support for the candidate’s progress towards QTS at an early stage, and suggest suitable action to remedy matters
  • Send e-Qualitas a copy of all lesson observations and visit reports within 5 working days so that e-Qualitas can carry out its quality-assurance responsibilities
  • Respond quickly and appropriately to any concerns or complaints raised by the candidate or school, and keep e-Qualitas informed of these
  • Check that the candidate is prepared for the Early Career year, including that suitable targets are set.

The assessor appointed for the Final Assessment visit will:

  • Observe the candidate teach a lesson in at least one of the age ranges and both if possible
  • Review all the documentary evidence
  • Ensure that the AO only route to QTS Criteria and Teachers’ Standards have been met
  • Submit a final assessment report to e-Qualitas within 5 working days.

Assessment Only

Our Assessment Only route is for unqualified teachers with a degree and significant teaching experience. The learner should be almost fully prepared to meet the Teachers’ Standards and will be enrolled following an e-Qualitas Tutor Enrolment Visit to confirm eligibility. The learner will be guided by their Tutor to finalise evidence and prepare for their final QTS Assessment. The process includes the assessment of practical teaching in a school (or early years setting) and typically doesn’t last more than 12 weeks (equivalent to one term).

You can find out more about the AO programme here.